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DR. Jacob Pettesh

Oral Medicine Specialist

ד"ר יעקב פטש - מרפאת מומחים רב תחומית

About the clinic

Our dental center is a multidisciplinary specialist's clinic that deals with a wide range of treatments in the oral cavity as well as in facial aesthetics. Diagnosis and proper treatment require broad knowledge and skills of different disciplines, including the fields of general medicine, and indeed in our clinics there are specialists from a variety of fields: Oral medicine specialists, maxillofacial surgery specialist, orthodontist, a specialist in pediatric dentistry and dental hygienists.

Dr. Jacob Pettesh is an oral medicine specialist and serves as the medical director of the clinic. Oral medicine is a field of expertise in dentistry that serves as a bridge between dentistry and general medicine and practice with the diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases, treatment of acute and chronic facial pain, treatment of sleep apnea with dental devices, dental treatments in patients with complex background diseases and dental treatments under sedation and/or general anesthesia.

Besides the condition of the teeth, the first stage of each treatment plan must begin with a correct and accurate diagnosis which first includes the medical condition and personal needs of each patient. For example, a patient suffering from diabetes requires an assessment of his diabetic condition and adaptation of the treatment plan accordingly, and a patient suffering from a dry mouth condition should undergo a comprehensive analysis for diagnosis. Moreover, examination of the oral membranes may indicates various medical problems such as anemia, nutritional deficiencies or pre-malignant conditions.

In summary, our clinic provides a holistic approach that provides medical knowledge and quality materials for optimal results with an emphasis on personal and warm attitude.

About Dr. Jacob Pettesh
A specialist on Oral Medicine

  • Dental Medicine Doctor (DMD) degree, graduation at Tel-Aviv University in 2004.
  • Practice dental treatments under general anesthesia.
  • Practice facial aesthetics therapy using botulinum toxin ("botox"), facial fillers and threads lifting methods.
  • Lecture at Oral Medicine conferences.
  • Experience in advanced dental rehabilitation supported with dental implants.
  • Practice with dental aesthetics: Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and full porcelain crowns ("Zirconia crowns").
  • Participates in many post – graduated advanced studies in Israel and abroad in the fields of oral medicine, facial aesthetics, dental implants, dental surgery and rehabilitation.
  • Pleasant, gentle and empathic. He is devoted to his patients and offers them special attention. 
  • A member of the Israeli Dentists Association (IDA) and of the Israeli Oral Medicine association.

Maximum professionalism and personal attitude

Our clinic provides a holistic approach that harnesses medical knowledge and quality materials for optimal results with an emphasis on personal and warm treatment.

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